3.Membership Interview

Thursday, 14 Sep 2017 7:30pm - 8:30pm

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All new applicants for membership to SSPC must have attended an interview and been approved by the SSPC Committee.

The purpose of the interview is to ensure that:

  1. New members are a good fit for the club; and

  2. The club is a good fit for the prospective new member

How does the interview process work?

The interview night commences at 7.30pm SHARP.

You will be interviewed on your own by two senior members and/or Committee members. No other persons are allowed in the interview.

The Interviewers will obtain your written permission to ask you questions and document your answers. You will also be signing to state you have told the truth and to give your privacy consent.

The interviewers will then ask you a set list of questions and as stated, document your answers. The interview is then over and you are free to go about your day. It should only take about 30 minutes.

The interviewers will then make a confidential recommendation to the committee on the form and submit it for consideration.

You WILL NOT be told their recommendation, so please do not ask them.

What does the Committee do with the answers?

All interview responses will be reviewed at the Committee meeting the week after the interviews. Every candidate will be reviewed and a decision will be made to accept or decline the application.

What happens when your application is reviewed?

Once the Committee has reviewed and made a decision on your application, you will be advised in writing. If accepted, you will proceed to the club induction. If declined, we will wish you well and send you on your way.

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