Preparing Your Research Material for the Future: What You Can Do Now to Avoid Problems Later

Monday, 9 Jun 2014 2pm - 4pm

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Workshop overview

Managing research material well is increasingly being recognized as a vital component of academic practice. In summer 2012, the University of Oxford approved a Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records, and many major funding bodies now also have requirements in this area.

This course provides an overview of some key issues relating to the longer-term management and curation of data and other research material in the humanities, highlighting some questions researchers need to consider, and providing information about the various resources and services available to assist them.

Workshop content The course offers an introduction to the following topics: • What is research data management, and why is it important? • The University of Oxford's Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records: what researchers need to know • Funding body requirements: what researchers need to do • Data management planning • Secure storage and backing up • Data preservation and sharing

o Data documentation

o Ethical and legal issues, including IPR and licensing • University of Oxford services • Further resources: where to find out more

Target audience DPhil students and postgraduate researchers.

Format This is a two-hour workshop. The course consists of PowerPoint presentations interspersed with practical, interactive exercises designed to encourage participants to apply what they have learnt to their own research.

Training categories • Study and Research Skills • Preparation for Academic Practice

Researcher Development Framework mapping The course content is most obviously relevant to sub-domain A1: Knowledge base – in particular, information literacy and management. However, the course also touches on sub-domains C1 (Professional conduct: legal requirements; IPR and copyright), C2 (Research management: strategy), D1 (Working with others: collaboration), and D2 (Communication and dissemination: communication methods; publication).

Workshop provider The Research Support team at IT Services exists to assist researchers with various technical aspects of the research process, including research data management. The workshop will be delivered by Dr Meriel Patrick, team’s Analyst and Training Officer.

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