British Institute of Osteopathy events/courses 2017/18

BIO ten month Practical Course 2018 starts: 4th February, 4th March, 22nd April, 13th May, 10th June, 8th July, 16th September, 7th October, November 18th and December 2nd 2018. . This course is now in it's fifth year and is usually full by November - so don't leave it till the last minute. If you want to talk about it call Howard on 01189885293 or email

NB to be eligible for the BIO Practical Course you must be a registered osteopath and have completed the Foundation day outlined below.

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November, 2017
12 Sun All day BIO CPD Day Sunday 12th November 2017 Managing the crisis of healing
January, 2018
14 Sun All day BIO Foundation day 2018
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BIO CPD Day Sunday 12th November 2017 Managing the crisis of healing

Sunday, 12 Nov 2017 All day

  • An online payment is required to book.

'Healing crisis' normal event or 'adverse reaction?'

Managing the reactions to osteopathic treatment as a natural consequence with Howard Beardmore DO, Stephen Gamble and Jayne Donegan.

Celebrated Wild food chef Leon Lewis will provide hot buffet lunch. All refreshments provided by BIO.

This will be a real case history based event and will focus on the myriad of ways that your patient might unpack on their road to their recovery. There are no 'adverse reactions' to a Natural Hygiene approach because we are not attempting to suppress the healing reactions with medication. Mentoring a case is about using the resources of the patient wisely and this narrative can be learned.

None of these skills are now taught at any RQ osteopathic college due to the slide towards 'osteolite'. If we are to empower the profession to tool up and get back to real clinical practice, we need to know how to steer the patient back to health. Whatever your practice perspective, the healing crisis follows the same narrative, even if you are a patient, this course is an essential tool in your kit of survival in the modern world.

If you are fed up with osteopathic courses being about isolated technique, 'dosage', prescription and mobilisation, relax - this event will 'save your life and your practice'

The course is open to all, it is also the BIO members CPD day so you will be able to meet BIO members and see what a thriving community this group has become!

Not based on the medical modern fallacy of 'treatment means suppression'.

More details in the new year. Cost of the event is free to BIO members £40 to current Practical course 2017 delegates £100 to non BIO membership

More details in the new year.