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This is the celebrated BIO Foundation day, although it is a requirement to be eligible for the BIO Practical Course 2018, the Foundation day stands on it's own as an in depth snapshot of every osteopathic principle you would need to know to practice.

With over 650 slides of illustrated case histories from my own practice you will gain an insight on how I 'unpack a patient'.

Vasomotion, visceramotion, secretormotion, vitality, toxicity, the osteopathic understanding of disease process, osteopathic mechanics, proximate principles - all illustrated with real case histories. This is a unique chance to open up your understanding of what osteopathy really has to offer in the modern clinical setting and an opportunity to ask as many questions as undoubtedly will arise.

We will not be discussing 'mindfullness', MET, Strain counterstrain, HVT, herbs, pins, 'enhanced placebo' or any other irrelevant technique modalites.

It is important to point out that this approach can't be mixed with multiple palliative methods that divert the healing process into a backwater.

The bodywork approach used is exclusively the General osteopathic approach coupled with the Natural hygiene narrative of Hippocrates. We will be exploring how this is applicable in the modern clinical setting.

It is not what you do that is important, it is why you do it and for the larger part, the osteopathic narrative of this day course is completely missing from RQ colleges.

Cost of the day is £100 includes vegetarian buffet lunch and all refreshments, organic and whole where possible. For those who have done this course before, if you sign up for the Practical Course 2018 you can repeat the day free as a refresher. Many BIO delegates have taken advantage of this offer. If you want to do a free repeat - email and ask for an application form for the BIO Practical Course 2018 with your previous ticket number from the Foundation day you attended.

Osteopaths and osteopathic students at RQ colleges only please

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