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Open your mind. Discover new ways to look at problems, families and relationships. Live in greater harmony with yourself, your families and partners, and society.

Carina Scotland offers a unique approach using the method known as Family Constellations. You will find below the list of upcoming workshops. Don't hesitate to contact for information: info@carinascotland.com or 07909 680397

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March, 2018
24 Sat For 2 days Two day workshop for personal issues 10am to 5.30 each day
19 Sat For 2 days Two day workshop for personal issues 10am to 5.30 each day
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Two day workshop for personal issues 10am to 5.30 each day

Saturday, 24 Mar 2018 For 2 days

  • 5 spaces available.

A two day workshop using constellations to help us to see more clearly into the entanglements that feed into our difficulties. While traditional therapies typically focus mainly on the client, constellations work with a whole picture of the individual as part of a larger set of systems – family, community, ethnic group and so on. The constellation supports us to clarify how we have split off parts of our psyche in order to survive, and it shows up the hidden forces that typically include unresolved trauma from previous generations, which may be actively 'entangling' us in the here and now.

People come from very different starting points to constellation workshops, bringing their unique story. Maybe you are struggling in your relationship, in your family, or with your children. You might feel something is holding you back from living the life you want. You might be struggling to come to terms with being adopted, or an addiction, or with the breakdown of a relationship. Maybe stress or anxiety is resistant to change; maybe bereavement is turning to depression. Maybe feelings of resentment have been lingering and old patterns are repeating.

‘Constellations’ can help you to take another step in your understanding of yourself, and support you to meet your difficulties with greater resonance and warmth, as you feel the support of the group to look more carefully at what is. Cost: £120 per person 10.00- 5.30 each day. Earlybird price of £110. (A total of 8 places available at this price so offer ends either because date has been reached or all places have been taken)

Please note: Payment must be made at the time of booking. If you have any difficulty with making the payment please contact Kate by email at kaththomson@hotmail.com We reserve the right to charge the full fee if you cancel less than two weeks before the workshop, and half the fee if you cancel within one month of the workshop.