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Working with: Teign Valley Learning Community, Teignmouth Learning Community, Newton Abbot Learning Community, South Dartmoor Learning Community, Totnes Learning Community and STOVER

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February, 2017
27 Mon 11:30am - 1:15pm TVLC Yr 3-4 TVLC Handball Comp
28 Tue 1pm - 8:30pm SDLC Primary Body Language show at SDCC
    3:45pm - 5pm Year 9 CVL Netball
    4pm - 5:30pm TMLC Year 3 & 4 TLC Handball Tournament
1 Wed 4pm - 5:30pm TNLC Year 5 & 6 Handball Competition
6 Mon 4pm - 5:30pm TNLC Year 5 & 6 Football Central Venue League (Round 6)
7 Tue 10am - 11:30am Primary SEND Event
    4pm - 6pm Year 7 & 8 Handball
    4pm - 6pm TMLC Year 5/6 Handball Tournament
8 Wed 10:30am - 12pm NALC Year 2 Sport Festival Have a Go Festival
    1pm - 2:30pm NALC Year 2 Sport Festival Have a go
    3:45pm - 5pm Year 7 CVL Netball
    4pm - 5:30pm TNLC Year 3 & 4 Handball Competition
9 Thu 3:45pm - 5:15pm SDLC Year 5 & 6 Handball Tournament
    3:45pm - 5:15pm SDLC Year 3 & 4 Handball Tournament
14 Tue 10am - 11:30am TNLC KS1 Multi Skills Festival
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TVLC Yr 3-4 TVLC Handball Comp

Monday, 27 Feb 2017 11:30am - 1:15pm

  • Bookings are now closed for this event.

DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT • TVLC Handball tournament for Years 3 & 4 • The top two teams will progress through to the Dartmoor School Sport Partnership Finals. • Organised by Ashley McInally and officiated by Teign sports leaders Sport Leaders.

SQUAD DETAILS • Teams consist of 5 players. (During SSP competitions there must be at least 2 girls on the court at any one time). • Substitutions can be made at any time whilst the ball is not in play. There is an unlimited number of substitutions that can be made. • No contact at all is allowed

WHAT SCHOOLS NEED TO BRING WITH THEM / BE AWARE OF ON THE DAY Suitable PE kit (appropriate for the weather conditions) Suitable PE trainers (games are played on the playground) Can schools bring bibs as well as their PE kit/uniform (in case of colour clashes). Refreshments (schools are responsible for their own litter) First Aid Kit (schools are responsible for their own first aid)

The representatives of Dartmoor School Sport Partnership may take photographs or video during events. These will be used to celebrate work, support training and other educational uses or promote the School Sport Partnership. The College Internet policy gives clear guidelines that will be adhered to about the use of such materials. If you have children who cannot be photographed or filmed then please let the organiser know before the event.

Please contact Ash McInally with any queries: amcinally@teignacademy.co.uk


• PE kit/ Warm clothing to wear between matches • Trainers • Still drink • Snacks • Sun Hat and Sun Cream