Issues in Drawing - D1602D62

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Friday, 13 Jan 2017 For 10 days

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Course Dates: Fridays, 13th January – 24th March 2016

Weeks: 10

Course Times: 10am – 5pm

Experience Level: All Levels

Course Fee: £495

This exciting and wide ranging course addresses and investigates the fundamental issues in drawing. The course is developed around a series of intriguing themes and ideas that artists have considered throughout Art History and each week students tackle one of these themes to develop a deeper understanding of the craft and meaning of drawing. Our themes include: Energy; Rhythm; Weight/Gravity; Harmony; Mystery; Chaos; and Monumentality. We will explore these in a variety of ways, including gallery visits followed by studio work, experimentation with materials, constructing a sense of story and narrative with intriguing life model poses and scenarios. Through thinking about drawing in new and different ways, we will strengthen our ability and innovation and deepen our creativity.

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