Kiln Formed Glass - SC1604007

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Monday, 7 Aug 2017 For 5 days

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Tutor: Maria Zulueta

Dates: Monday – Friday, 7th – 11th August 2017

Days: 5

Times: 10.00am – 5.00pm

Experience Level: All Levels

Fee: £310

A comprehensive introduction to the various techniques of kiln formed glass as well as a brief study of the history of glass-making. This is an all round opportunity to experiment with ideas and technical glass making skills from a sculptural perspective that progresses to completing an independent project. The course covers model and mould making using a variety of mould making materials, approaches kiln formed glass techniques and starting points such as open casting, fusing and slumping. You will be taught how to cut, clean and arrange glass in preparation for fusing and slumping into a basic bowl shape. A short project will be set to encourage you to adopt an experimental approach using mould making refractory open cast processes. You will be shown how to use coloured glass to create a 3D sculptural glass form of your own design. You will be taught through demonstration, group and individual instruction and learn from hands on experience. Through looking at both contemporary and historical works you will discover the potential of the medium of glass.

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