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Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018 10am - 11:30am

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This class is open to all levels of yoga student – complete beginners to those with more experience. A traditional class begins by spending the first few minutes working breath awareness practise helping to make an essential mind and body connection in order to focus more readily on the session ahead. Often when we first come to our yoga session it is likely that we are tense, tired and speedy. It is important to reduce adrenalin and allow a free flow of endorphins. This slowing process gives us a sense of “coming home” to ourselves, allowing us to enter into a state of peace with our “true nature” - the purpose of our practise. The class moves on to ease out neck and shoulder tension and gently stretches out the lower body before practising a warm up routine. This routine warms up muscles, improves circulation, oxygenates and feeds the body, strengthens the heart, lubricates the joints, and safely accustoms the body, in particular the spine, to stretching. Holding postures stretch and tone muscles whilst exercising each part of the body. They can be practised either gently or more challenging to improve physical health. It is recommended you regularly come back to focus on breathing throughout the session, try to avoid your mind wondering. Pranayama (yoga breathing exercises) are practised at the beginning of the class or towards the end. They help quieten the mind and calm emotions and through increased oxygen intake, nourish all the cells of the body. At the end of the class a well deserved relaxation (yoga nidra) is practised helping to increase mental alertness, encouraging a positive and peaceful frame of mind. Hatha Yoga works by releasing tension from the mind and body. Once this happens energy levels increase. Yoga emphasises a non-violent policy, so allowing a competitive attitude into your practise will force you into conflict with your body and keep you tense. Try to avoid competing with others, or with yourself.

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