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Sunday, 14 Jan 2018 10am - 11am

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Our Puppy Socials are for young pups from 9 weeks to 14 weeks. Get started with a carefully managed social session where your puppy can interact with other puppies on and off lead. Learning to build confidence interact and play in a carefully managed setting. This is not a free for all puppy session, we only have one or two pups off at a time. Your puppy will also have a chance to explore some new objects and surfaces to help build their confidence. We will also be talking about some of the urgent puppy problems you maybe experiencing such as puppy biting, house training and stealing.

These are single sessions and you can book as many or as little as you like. We have several sessions running in the week to help puppies get as much socialising as they can within the critical period of development which ends at approximately 16 weeks.

Sessions cost £20.00 each.

We look forward to seeing you and your puppy.

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