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September, 2016
27 Tue 6pm - 7pm Pole - Intermediate 1/2 and Advanced
    6pm - 7pm Mixed Aerials - Complete Beginners
    7pm - 8pm Aerial Silks - Mixed Ability
    7pm - 8pm Pole - Complete Beginners
    8pm - 9pm Aerial Hoop - Mixed Ability All Levels Welcome!
    8pm - 9pm Flexibility: Top to Toe
28 Wed 6pm - 7pm Pole - Complete Beginners
    6pm - 7pm Aerial Hoop - Beginners
    7pm - 8pm Beginners Mixed Aerial Class
    7pm - 8pm Pole - Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2
    8pm - 9pm Pole - Beginners to Intermediate 1
    8pm - 9pm Aerial Sling Mixed Ability
29 Thu 6pm - 7pm Open Pole Practice - All Levels Welcome!
    6pm - 7pm Class of the Month - Grounded Hoop
    7pm - 8pm Pole -Mixed Ability - All Levels Welcome!
    7pm - 8pm Aerial Hoop - Mixed Ability
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Pole - Intermediate 1/2 and Advanced

Tuesday, 27 Sep 2016 6pm - 7pm

  • 7 spaces available.
  • Bookings end on September 27 at 5:00pm.

Pole - Intermediate 2 and Advanced

In this class, we will focus on training all the core moves in the Spin City Intermediate and Advanced Syllabus.

To come to this class you will need to have worked through the Beginners syllabus and be working through the Intermediate moves - You will have a good basic invert, Climb and Seat. As well as strong spins.

In Intermediate and Advanced Pole we will be working on moves such as Gemini, Scorpio, shoulder mounts, aerial inverts, leg only grips such as cupid, combinations requiring moves on both sides, arms only prep and combinations. There will be more strength and flexibility training - achieving moves might take longer but the achievement is much greater and more satisfying! We advise students at this level to train more than once a week and consider cross training on other equipment to continue at this level.

This is a 2 credit class, £10 pay as you go