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June, 2017
22 Thu 6:15pm - 7pm PILOXING KNOCKOUT - St Columb Major
    7pm - 8pm Indoor All Over Body Blast Circuit
23 Fri 6:15pm - 7pm PIYO - Trethurgy (St Austell)
    7pm - 8pm ELITE PILOXING - Trethurgy (St Austell)
24 Sat 9:15pm - 10pm PILOXING KNOCKOUT - St Eval
26 Mon 6:15pm - 7:05pm BOOGIE BOUNCE - St Columb Major
    7:15pm - 8:05pm BOOGIE BOUNCE - St Columb Major
    8:15pm - 9:05pm BOOGIE BOUNCE - St Columb Major
27 Tue 6:30pm - 7:15pm PILOXING KNOCKOUT - Summercourt
    7:30pm - 8:15pm PIYO - Summercourt
28 Wed 6:15pm - 7pm PILOXING KNOCKOUT - Lanivet
    7pm - 7:40pm Power Dance - Lanivet (Bodmin)
    7:45pm - 8:45pm ELITE PILOXING - Lanivet (Bodmin)
29 Thu 6:15pm - 7pm PILOXING KNOCKOUT - St Columb Major
    7pm - 7:45pm PIYO - St Columb Major
    7:45pm - 8:45pm ELITE PILOXING - St Columb Major
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Thursday, 22 Jun 2017 6:15pm - 7pm

  • Bookings end on June 22 at 5:45pm.

Every Thursday At St Columb Majors Academy School Hall, 6.15PM - 7.00PM

Please Wear Trainers, Bring Your PILOXING Branded Gloves & Optional But A Towel Or Mat For Your Hands For The Floor Exercises.

PILOXING Knockout! The Ultimate Test Of Athleticism! Standing PILATES - BOXING - PLYOMETRICS The Ultimate HIIT Workout That Will Push Your Body Beyond Fitness Levels You Didn't Think It Could Reach! Knockout Is A Program That Suits & Challenges Individuals Of All Fitness Levels Whilst Keeping Your Workout Effective & Fun. This Program Improves Fitness Levels For Beginners Whilst It Continuously Tests & Builds CV & Muscle Endurance, Fitness & Strength For Intermediate & Advanced Athletes!

**Class Breakdown

Knockout Consists Of 6 Rounds; Each Round Is Made Up Of 3-Minutes Of High Intensity, Core Strengthening Exercises Influenced By Boxing, Cardio & Plyometrics Followed By A 2-Minute Drill Including Dynamic Classic Exercises Such As Russian Twists, Mountain Climbers & Push-Up Burpees. Between Each Round You'll Get A Rest Period.

**How Will Knockout Benefit Me?

Knockout Will Improve Your Fitness, Strength, Muscle Definition, Confidence & Completely Trim Your Waist, Hips & Belly! HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Is A Training Technique Used By A Lot Of Athletes Who Want Results FAST. By Giving An 'All-Out' 100% Effort Through Quick, Intense Bursts Of Exercise Followed By Short, Water Recovery Periods Your Resting Metabolic Rate Rises During Rest After The Workout So Your Body Will Be Burning Fat For Upto 24 Hours After Your PILOXING Knockout Class!