TianGan - Internal Alchemy

Tuesday, 4 Dec 2018 For 6 days

TianGan, the Heavenly Stems, are the ten essential, yet widely misunderstood, ancient Chinese symbols that hold the power to link human beings to the ten celestial energies of the cosmos.

In this retreat, participants will delve into the symbolism, alchemical principles, Chinese calligraphy, internal alchemy forms and 10 organs’ spiritual names associated with each Heavenly Stem.

This retreat, along with the 2019 DiZhi 地支 (Earthly Branches) retreat, are specifically designed for practitioners who also wish to join our 2020 Advanced BaZi 八字 (Chinese Astrology) retreat.

Retreat begins with dinner (6:30pm) on the 4th and ends after lunch (12:30) on the 9th.

Early bird price (before Oct 1): $1700 Regular price (after Oct 1): $1900

Price includes shared accommodation and all meals (Pendle Hill offers an organic, farm to table menu). Private rooms are an additional $360.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space.

Please see our cancellation policy for details:


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