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If the dates below not accommodate your needs you may contact Suzanne Christie about booking a seat in one of her classes, she is also offering free classes for female UL students. You can reach her at (337) 308-5495. Thank you.

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January, 2018
27 Sat 9am - 6pm Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Class
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Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Class

Saturday, 27 Jan 2018 9am - 6pm

We will be hosting a concealed handgun permit class on January 27th at 9:00am. It will be held at the Church of the Trinity Fellowship Hall at 3001 Verot School Road. The class costs $120 per person. We typically have a fingerprint technician available at our classes. He charges $20 per person. You are not required to used his services, he is there as a convenience. The class runs for approximately 9 hours ( as mandated by state law ). When the classroom portion of the class is over, we will relocate to an indoor range to go through the shooting exercises. We ask that you bring a handgun, 50 rounds of ammunition, hearing protection, and eye protection.

This class is FREE for female UL students and their guests.