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April, 2018
28 Sat For 2 days SRE 2-Day Training Course
5 Sat For 4 days Death and Dying. 4 Day course
26 Sat For 2 days SRE 2-Day Training Course
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SRE 2-Day Training Course

Saturday, 28 Apr 2018 For 2 days

  • 8 spaces available.

SRE 2-Day Teachers Workshop Course Outline


1. Appreciation of All Traditions: "Buddhism in Oz" (TM 11)

Presenter: Brian White

This workshop runs from 9:00 am to 11:00 am

As a multi-cultural society, Australia is fortunate to have so many varieties and traditions of Buddhism. As many Buddhists tend to practice only one tradition, they are sometimes puzzled by other Buddhist traditions.

The Buddhist Council of NSW has over 100 diverse temples and Buddhist groups on its member list. With such diversity, this has given our presenter - Brian White, a unique perspective of the wonderful traditions and cultures of Buddhism in Australia.

2. Value and Life Skills: (TM 41)

Presenter: John Barclay

This workshop runs from 11:00 am to 1:00pm

Why are values and life skills so important to our mental and spiritual development? Do they really factor into our lifestyle choices?

The presenter, John Barclay, explains that values and life skills are not only important to our world view, but are fundamental to all Buddhist practice.

Buddhist’s values include compassion for all beings and our life skills help us manage upsets and problems. Sometimes harm is caused out of carelessness or not understanding others’ situations. Perhaps we are confused about what will make us happy.

Included in numerous teachings, the Buddha created a list of precepts to help us remember the things are likely to obstruct us on the path. He also offered sound and skillful practices to use in our daily lives.

John Barclay assesses how values and life skills are accepted among Buddhists generally and he offers clear accounts of how values and life skills are used effectively.

This will be a rewarding and eye opening workshop. It will also be a solid accompaniment to Brian White’s “Appreciation of all Traditions”.

3. Working with Children Protocols: (TM 42)

Presenter: Melissa Chittasy

This workshop runs from 2:30 am to 4:00pm

Government regulations, Duties of Volunteer teachers, Do’s and Don’ts, Difficult situations and Child Protection procedures are covered in this module


4. Basic Classroom Skills – Resources and Lesson Planning - (TM43) and (TM45)

Presenter: John Barclay

This is a full day workshop - 9:00am to 4:00pm

This is basic, preliminary training for SRE teachers and examines the simple needs for basic classroom organisation and structured lessons. It sets a clear path for confident and joyful classroom management.

It reviews our SRE teaching Framework, with a walk through of the teaching resources that are made available to support our SRE teachers. Lesson Planning methods, and case studies for different stages in childhood education are covered.

This full day program is presented by Dharma teacher John Barclay and covers the all preparation needed for SRE teachers in schools. It's a fun day for all and also includes the important topics of child welfare and codes of conduct.